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The Premonition of Happiness / Nuno Felt Art Scarf with Matching Bracelet

Custom order for gift «The Premonition of Happiness»
Abundance of golden and turquoise abstract symbols and forms on majestic purple Margilan chiffon silk makes this dreamy nuno-felt scarf an excellent gift. Only natural materials, rich muga fibers and finest merino wool have been used to make true this wedding dream inspired by Klimt.

Photo by Tatyana Vinogradski

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The Premonition of Happiness / Nuno Felt Art Scarf

Flow of Imagination / Nuno Felt Art Scarf and matching necklace

Custom order for gift “Flow of Imagination”
This is a thing from another world. Iridescent fuchsia & purple fine silk, mesmerizing free-flowing colorful images and shapes. And it feels light and warm.

Photo by Tatyana Vinogradski

The Felt Bead Necklace
This beautiful, authentic necklace complements Nuno Felt Art scarf “Flow of Imagination”. It is made of of felt woolen beads on platinum plated chain.

Photo by Lucy Morar

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Flow of Imagination / Felt Art Scarf

Pink Fancy / Felt Art Scarf & Crocheted Beads Necklace

Custom order set: pink scarf and necklace.

Felt Art Scarf, 100% Natural Silk Georgette,
Super-Fine Merino Wool, exclusive pink color.
Very gentle and light scarf designed in paisley style.

Necklace “Pink Fancy” is made of crocheted round pink beads and greenish-grey flat stone beads. Vivid pink color of the crocheted beads creates a sense of fun, and makes a good complement to the scarf.

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Pink Fancy / Felt Art Scarf & Crocheted Beads

Photo by Tatyana Bessmertnaya +1-214-709-8565